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Fishing Middle Harbour


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Hi i am planning to gead out tomorrow to middle harbour (rarely fish, usualy botany and the harbour) looking to get some tips was planning on fishing withndead baits squid, prawn and whitebait at clontarf and the areas around the spit bridge. Will be fishing one running sinker line and one sinker on the hook both circle hooks.

Would like to know about some tips and recommendations about some spots.



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Was out there last Friday heaps off slimies and bonnies busten up the surface got a feww of each on the drift chinamans towards middlehead  run out tide half hour after high used halco laser 10gm metal. I have seen big kings caught off clonny but live squid was the key. Soak a bait and see what happens. Can get anything from whiting to kings in that area. tight lines :)


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