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catching beach worms


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Hi guys,

Ive been successful catching beach worms previously, but find that the worms I am catching are not as fat as what i have seen in bait shops or others catch. i try and go as close to the water as possible thinking that is where they will be bigger.


Anyone have any tips for me to find these? Do i need to find a sand back actually in the water to find these?

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Bigger worms will usually be on the better sandbanks and closer to the water, which is why the low lows are the best time to target them. A mate of mine wormed a city beach couple of weeks ago and reported that he got plenty of worms but they weren't big and he is a very experienced wormer. But he also said that there weren't too many good accessible sand banks.


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Most places I have wormed the larger ones will be closer to the low tide mark and can be caught anywhere after the tide is 2/3 of the way out (after a larger wave recedes exposing the sand).

Speaking from the Central Coast & Newcastle areas, it's more about the place you worm which will decide if you get the big ones. If they are nearly all small ones I'd be trying somewhere else, sounds like the stocks of larger worms in that area may have depleted.

If you have a spare half a day around low tide it's a worthwhile exercise to cover some km's and try as many different beaches as you can. I find that they move around a lot and sometimes they can be at one end of the beach then a month later on the other. Unfortunately this is something you may have to do regularly to find the king worms, but well worth it when you're onto them!

All the best, James

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