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Your thoughts on nasci 4000

Flickn Mad

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Hey Raiders, I am thinking about getting a 4000 nasci to put on a maikuro light jig rod rated Pe 2.5 would be putting 20 pound braid on it for kinggies from boat and kayak. 


Would love to hear your thoughts on the reel and set up.

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For a mid sized reel for jigging for kings. I would look for something that has the handle screwed directly into the drive gear.

with hard pulling kings. A handle thats held on the other side with a screw cap will develope some play after a few hard runs

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If you are going to jig & you don't have a real with a full metal body your gonna be in trouble fast. You get way to much flex when cranking jigs even small ones. Be fine for plastics. Have a look at the Daiwa Black & Gold its around the same price point & is much better suited to jigging. Alan Hawk gave it a good write up and he is no Bull when it comes to reviewing reals.http://www.alanhawk.com/reviews/bg16.html  Also I second what Xerotao said above.


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