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hey all,

I am moving over to Bligh Park shortly to live and I am about 10 mins from  Windsor boat ramp can anyone help out with some fishing spots off the land  and what people will catch up this far into the river. i am not asking for a specific spot just in the area, and ill do the rest.

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Yeah the whole South and Eastern Creek bass fishery is actually pretty amazing. Aaron from Windsor B&T has spent a huge amount of time doing political campaigns to try and preserve those waterways from pollution and over the top development (but unfortunately seems to be fighting a losing fight). When you see guys catch bass under the M7 as far up the creek as Quakers Hill or from Chain of Ponds (now gettting smashed by development) up as far as Box Hill its a bit of an eyeopener. All those feeder creeks are a very important part of the river and they are rapidly getting filled in. As to your question about eating a fish that far up stream - most of the fish in the fresh are bass which most folk release , and carp which no one eats. in dry years bream,flatties and jewfish will be up as far as Windsor along with the bass and occasional EP .

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