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upper reaches some success


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headed to Baker's creek on the far upper reaches of the Nambucca River, the water was a bit low but the weather was perfect and we were feeling confidant, unfortunately the fish had other plans

after many, many casts from the kayak came up on a decent looking snag and after landing a near perfect cast all I thought was that deserves a fish and sure enough my lure was belted and I was being towed into some nasty territory, with some quick paddling the fish was steered out and came yakside and to my surprise was only low to mid 30's but thick and very spirited


and apart from another couple of half hearted hits the bass refused to play the game

then heading into some clear shallow water spotted a couple of feeding catfish so out came the flat shad first cast onto a cracker who took a dash for the timber and in a do or die effort I pulled the hooks, next fish and first cast and on this time the hooks stayed in and after some very nervous moments out came a nice mid 40's cattie


I think they have a gorgeous face


I've managed to crack the catfish on lures technique this summer, if anyone is interested the trick is to sight the fish and land the lure (either a vibe or plastic) away from the fish and wait until it turns towards it and use very, very subtle movements to draw it in and hit it the moment it grabs the lure and hang on they really pack a punch on light gear in shallow water

hopefully some rain will come soon and fire the bass back up

thanks for reading


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