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First time post... lets hope it gets better

Went to the Hawkesbury in Saturday late afternoon in hope of the elusive Jew fish, could not start worse, got the boat ready checked to see no one was at the bottom of the ramp, all ok. put the straps in the car jumped in and reversed, but some guy couldn't wait and just pull in and reversed to take his boat out, not seeing the car due the boat you can imagine what happened. Well after exchanging details still went out to Juno Point, but only managed two pike eels.


Maybe a better report next time - talked to other fisho's and they had zero results.


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2 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Yes, it would be nice if a bit of common-sense was displayed.;)

Safer to assume that it is not the case though!  Some tips I have for safer boat backing at the ramp - @Tysh don't take this to mean that I think this was your fault. Sometimes you can do it all right and things still happen.  I'm posting this for the benefit of all.

1) Assume everyone else is a pushy, impatient idiot - you'll be right often enough

2) Remain calm so you don't turn into one yourself

3) Turn off the stereo and open the windows so you can hear as much as possible of what is going on around you

4) Use all your mirrors and if you have one your reversing camera

5) If you have anyone else with you use them as well.  Tell them to stand in a safe spot out of the way and shout at you if anything is getting in the way.

6) Remove any unnecessary distractions - I frequently have to tell my son "hang on mate, no talking till the boat is in the water"

7) Take it easy.  Don't stress, don't rush.

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