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How to match reel with rod?


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Hey lads.


Something which ive struggled to understand is say u buy a 2500reel with 5kg drag and advises 8lb etc


How do u know what rod rating to get? Ive tried to search online and cant find anything about matching a rod to a reel in terms of weight. If anyone knows the answer for this? So if u get a reel at 2500 and it says 8lb does that mean u have to match it with a rod that is 8lb+ ?

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I would say that your matching decision should not be based only on numbers. I would put the reel on the reel and see how it is balancing and comfortable for casting, and use common sense for matching line, rod and reel ratings depending of the intended tackle use.

The reel line rating (and line length next to it) is usually provided to show the spool capacity and it will be different for thicker mono line and thinner braid. If you look in the below link you will notice large difference in the  provided 4kg mono line rating and 15kg braid rating for the common Sienna 4000



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When im trying to match a rod n reel it basically comes down to what I'll actually be using it for, as I'm mainly an on shore esturay fishermen I go for the 2-4 or 3-5kg rods 6'5" to 7" rods paired with 8lb braid and 16lb leader. Once you have decided what ur going after and what conditions you will be in its easier to decide rod and then as savit said the reel needs to be smooth and comfortable on the rod. What kind of fishing are you thinking or doing or are doing??

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