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Shimano biomaster 4000 swxg any reviews

Flickn Mad

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Hey guys, I am looking at a 4000 swxg biomaster for a light jig stick rated Pe 2.5.

targets are small to medium kings and snapper. 

Also will use as heavy soft plastic outfit. 

Has any one had experience with biomasters there doesn't seem to be many reviews on the internet.

I can get one for  $260 

Any thoughts

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Hey Mate. Bio is a great plastics real but the 6.2-1 rear ratio is pretty high for jigging & you main gears wont be getting a huge amount of bite so you could see play after a few moths of solid jigging. The saragosa has 6.2-1 & a deeper main gear so better suited to the job. The main body & gearing of the gosa is larger & less likely to flex while cranking under load but this makes it a fair bit heavier than the Bio.

If you are just going to be using small flutter jigs for snapper Bio is fine but larger 30g plus jigs for Kings cranked up at high speed you will stuff it in no time.


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Thanks mate, I was given the impression that the hagane. Gears and body were the bees knees and should handle jigs up to 100 grams no problem. 

Its so hard sorting the bs from the facts when the manufacturers and sales guys are full of it.

you sound like you now your stuff so it's all food for thought.

i appreciate your input.

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I have the bio 5000 and goosa 10000

the bio is a greyhound and the goosa is a tank

I wouldn't use the bio for jigging and hell not for 100g

alan hawk say the only time you should buy a bio is if it is cheaper than a spheros, but I love mine

bio is light weight high speed machine




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The bio master is the same as the sustain fg (same body gears etc) with a difference in bearing count. Pretty tough but certainly not super heavy duty. I'd use for plastics and topwater lures but not really jigging.

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I actually e-mailed Alan when I saw the biomaster go up on a sale/trade page.

He said and I quote:

"The Biomaster is a quality high speed reel, but I'd look into the Saragos SW 8000 which is heavier yet tougher oscillation, has a more capable twin drag and is fully sealed. 

If you don't need the speed, then look into a spheros which is in practice a Saragosa, only with a less capable drag."


So whatever that means. I need a good rock spin outfit, but I also need money and a house. So seems like I am up s* creek without a paddle.

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Thanks for the input fellas. 

I had a day off yesterday so I tested out the jig stick with my sol2 3000. It fit the rod( similar to the blue gomoku) perfectly. Bouncing 30 to 60 gram inchku jigs was great, lost a rat King beside the boat but the set up felt good. The sol has Same 6.2 to 1 gears as the bio and I see what you mean by the torque you put through the reel even on small jigs.  I like the weight and balance of this size reel so back to the drawing board. 

All my gear is the best I can get on a tight budget so back to sifting through the bs.

Reading Alan hawk reviews make u realise how unscrupulous some people and companies can be.



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Give the Daiwa Black & Gold a look. Its cheap & better suited or look out for a second hand Certate which with the 4.8 gear ratios are perfect for micro jigging.  They come up for sale a lot on  the Facebook page Tournament Fishing Buy & Sell Australia. I have the 2013 3000 & have taken it all around OZ landing fish 10kg plus and its still rock solid not one bit of play in the gears.

Hope you find something soon.                                               

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