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Too busy to fish over the weekend again. My 16 yr old daughter did a talk at the Cabargo folk festival on citizens science and her contributions with marine surveys. Her talk went so well she ended up with over 1hr of questions after her talk time, she's now even managed to get some paid survey work around game fishing tournaments and should appear in the next Bluewater mag.

Sunday ended up being busy with an early morning 5.30am tri practice followed by rushing to meet up with a group of UTS scientists my daughter had been asked to guide for their survey. The survey is part of a long term survey my daughter has been conducting for the last couple of years on tropical fish that are adapting to winters on the far south coast. These surveys envolve us being in the water several times per week especially through the colder months.

With all the work my kids do outside school they've earnt a few days off school, so we hope to be on the far north NSW coat later this week chassing a few mackerel etc.

Heres a video of what we get to see on our surveys. The behaviour from the bream digging holes was a new one for me, which they seemed to be doing in lots of locations, some of which created long ledges in the sand.



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I was 100yds up the road from the Cobargo festival on the week end, could hear the music, my mate and fishing partner for over 50 years has a 10 acre property and it's where I stay when I go down there.

Pity I didn't know she was giving a speech or I would have gone and listened in.



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