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Why bass don't bite


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Took a mate to my favourite part of our river to catch bass,, early morning hike, castes every lure, surface mid and deep at every snag for 3.5 hrs, we also looked like we were the only ones there, no other foot print or tyre track, weather went from sunny Friday to overcast and drizzle Saturday, the day we went out,, what went wrong,, water was still warm enough for a swim??? Only fish the spot once a year with great success before?

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Changing barometer as Rick says. Not always low, but a falling barometer. A good place to look is the MHL website. If you look at the current barometric pressures its about 1020, and has been for the last few days. But, there are always incremental changes over small periods.

The other thing to consider is rain, it has a huge influence on where the fish will be. Both in the system and in local areas. Once there is a bit of rain at this time of year, its a trigger for the fish to move en masse. Sometimes they will move downstream in preparation of spwning, sometimes they move out of the main body and into tiny creeks to feed. 


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I find the barometer doesn't effect it greatly more so just in how they feed and what they feed on. 


The rain weve just had would've shut them down and made it quite hard to get a bite. Creeks only came good today in the hawkesbury. As we got a lot more rain then I thought. 


Give it it another shot I think the best technique after rain is a jig spin and soft plastic. Wait for the sun to come up a little too say 8am onwards. 

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Did you do the special dance??

From my experience.....

Baro 1020+ good

Full moon bad

Hard running water, good, target the edges of eddies.

Try once, repeat then do the exact opposite!  

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