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Which of these reels are correctly spooled?


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Hi all fishraiders,

Which of these two spools are correctly spooled? (There are light reels on 1-4kg outfits)



I am trying to improve my casting distance as it seems pretty dismal at the moment. My thoughts were that the spool on the right is under spooled and I was going to re-spool it similar to the one on the left. Or is the one on the left over spooled? 

Also, is there any way to top up an existing spool without losing the whole braid that's on there at the moment?



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The one on the left looks good.  Top shot the one on the right with mono, then reverse it so you have the braid on the top, if you know what I mean.  I use an electric drill and empty spool of line to make it quicker.  Cheers.......


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The one on the left looks just right. The right one looks too low for maximum casting distance. 

To top up a spool, first add mono over the top until it's full enough.  Take off this mono and all the braid. Wind the mono length on the spool first, then join the braid to the mono and wind it back on.  

An electric drill and spare line spool system makes things quick and easy. 

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Just make sure you do not overspool it and there is still some distance between spool lip and braid level - otherwise there is a chance to loose some braid due to birdnests.

Any other empty reel can do the same as electric drill for re-spooling  - just a few min slower. 

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