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Nambucca River 4/3/17

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The opportunity finally arose to hit the river with a mate on his boat. Its been nearly 6 weeks since my last bream which can really create doubt regarding fishing abilities. Hit the water and the weather was perfect water looked great and anticipation was high. Of course the fish didn't realise the text book said they need to bite so after 2 hours with only a small flathead the decision was made to hit the oyster racks.

I decided desperate times so tied on a cranka crab (not a cheap option) to cast at the racks, first cast went wide and ripping it back in a pack of 70cm+ GT's tried to eat it beside the boat after i recoverd from that heart attack I landed the crab bang on the edge of the rack gave it a bit of slack and was immediately nailed the trick with rack fishing is don't hesitate and pull hard and to my great relief a bream cane up beside the boat


If you look closely I'm sure you can see the bream monkey falling off my back.

this started one of the best bream sessions I've ever had my mate was fishing plastics and soon tied on my spare cranka crab. These rack bream really pack a punch a lot of the fish were sight casted feeding under the edge of the racks.


and they just kept on coming20170304_111619.jpg



unfortunetly I got a little ambitious and sunk the crab down next to a deep nasty rack and was busted off by some form of beast probably a jack.

Finished off the session casting hardbodies along some rocky bottom for a couple more fish.


Which ended an exciting session I finally feel my bream mojo again

anyone thinking about casting cranka crabs at oyster racks up your leader next time I'm going up to atleast 15lb fluro maybe even 20lb it is such a reactuon bite the heavier leader isn't likely to put them off

cheers for reading


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Hey Dave glad you got into a few Bream. Interestingly I watched a fishing show this morning which was about Bream fishing in the oyster racks. The angler said that it was critically important to get the lure to actually go under the oyster racks, where the fish are hiding. To that end he had 2 identically set up lures where he bent the tow point left on one and right on the other. This allowed him to fish along the racks with the lure darting INTO the racks, irrespective of which way he lined up to them. Sounded really good and worked a treat for him. You probably already do that. Interesting that you will up the leader size to 15 /20 lb and still get results. Very informative report Dave, cheers. BN

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