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Trailer Winches


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Bought 2 cheap winches off ebay.

Both sold cheap as power plugs were damaged, and both untested due to changing owners a few times. Bought at auction, given away etc. etc

1 was $60 Other was $30

Did a complete strip down and  service n greese on both, And they work great.

Replaced the power plugs with anderson plugs, and made a double ended anderson plug cable for the back of my landcruiser. Using 240v 15amp house power cable. 

Still need to make a stainless mounting bracket for each anderson plug-winch.

Fitted 1 to my trailcraft trailer and other will go on my smaller boat trailer.

Should make retrevals a bit more pleasurable.

Also welded some guide posts onto the rear of the trailers.

Should make single handed retrevals a snack.




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