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Old Mans Hat....NOT!!


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The plan today was for Doug and I to fish OMH.  I figured with the wind & swell direction and the tide, it would be safe and OK there.  I haven't been there for 2yrs and I was looking forward to it.  Blackfishing & we both brought casting rods to sling a bit of metal in case of pelagics.  I had to pick Doug up from Chatswood as his car was at the panel beater and it took nearly an hour to get to his place through hideous Sydney traffic.  After another xx mins to get to North head and AFTER I shelled out $5 for parking we discovered the track down has been closed!!  :angry2:  Nearly 2hrs from first leaving home and $5 down and not fishing.

Plan B - we headed off to fish near Manly to a spot neither of us has fished before.  Found a track down to the water and out of the wind.  Looked pretty good but was there any bait?  There was a guy down there that had live baited a very nice amberjack.  Impressed!  We found some cabbage and decided to give it a go.  I had about 5 casts with a Slow Blatt jig which was the first time I had used it.  No hits.  After about 1.5/2hrs, I got 1 blackfish and a few downs between us.

Plan C - moved to Fairlight facing into the teeth of the wind.  Gave that a bit of a go for another 1.5/2hrs where Doug got a blacky + a small drummer.

Very annoying day!

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In December there was a big rock fall around 350m east of the end of that path to OMH and they have stopped access for a while;


Would not have been fun to be down the bottom of the cliff when that happened!

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4 hours ago, Mike89 said:

Good stuff on pulling something to go home with.

Actually, both our legal blackies were liberated.  Mine was released before moving to 2nd spot and Doug's fish was also released before we went home.  I wasn't sure if we'd get another to make it worthwhile and Doug's was the only one from our 2nd spot.

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