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Crab traps


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Hi all.

Just wondeing if anyone can clarify a question i have?

Myself and my Mrs are going out on tue 28th or wed 29th.  for a fish in my 5.3 trailcraft in botany bay.

Pump nippers n catch some small yakka,s. .

Then Drift brighton and towra pt for flathead for a few hrs

Then troll skirts around the heads for about an hr or so. 

Then anchor n Fish bear island  for kings n bottom species for a  few hrs

Then anchor at molineaux point n livebait n bottom fish for a few hrs

Then anchor at capt cook bridge n fish last of run in and few hrs run out. 

Targeting squid. jew. Kings.flathead. bream. Etc etc

And im going to try for a few blue swimmers.

Now reading the rules on crabs=

Is it 2 traps per person or 2 per boat?

And with the float on the trap the rules says that it needs to have your =

Initial. Surname.year of birth .postcode. but what is CT?.

I Havent done much crab trapping so i want to get it right. 





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Cool thnx.

Yeah  makes sence stupid me. CT =crab Trap. 

So 2 traps per licenced fisher person.

Yeah i know there are lowlifes out there that steal/raid other peoples traps.

Not many fish during the week so Hopefully they will leave mine alone.

On a Weekend they prob wouldnt last an hr without being knocked off or raided. 

Thanx again. ☺






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Note, if you are using the witches hat style of net, you are allowed to have 4 per person, and must use HN (for Hoop Net) instead of CN. I'm not sure if there's any local rules against using witches hats in Botany Bay though. 

hoop net.JPG




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