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inspecting BMT pt 9


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Next I check the bushes in the swivel bracket,tilt tube and that engine mounts are in good condition and don't need replacing.image.jpgAgain,using my outboard as an example there are bushes in the top and the bottom of this portion of the swivel bracket that can wear out causing steering binding or slop.To check for excessive movement here I keep the outboard in the fully down position(Vertical) grasping the lower leg giving it a good firm wiggle side to side and fwd and backward.You should feel no to very little movement.

While I'm here I also check that the transom bracket mounting bolts are in good condition and tight.

That the trim pin on a manual trim and tilt engine like mine is there and not missing.

The shallow water drive bracket is there and functional.

The idea is to look at and operate everything making sure it all is where it should be and in good condition.

image.jpgAbove is a shot of a rubber engine mount.You don't want to see any splits,cracks or dry rot in these.I have a steel pry bar encased in a rubber hose to pry in between the engine and bracket to check for movement here.

Cont pt 10

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