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Sushi recipe

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After much internet surfing for recipes and videos I had a go at making sushi for the first time. It went great, all the family young and old loved it. I searched on fishraider for a sushi recipe and couldn't find one so here it is for all Raiders to see. IMO after a few times I think this will be really quick and easy to make and will be a great alternative to sandwiches and wraps. EXPECT to make a few errors first time around. You can practice first rolls with sliced carrot or cucumber. If you block out a bit of time and be methodical you will be fine. Patience and persistence is required but the reward is worth it! There are some great YouTube videos which can help show you how to actually roll the sushi, explaining it using text is hard but I have tried.



sushi roll mat

1 REALLY sharp fillet knife.

hygenic (preferably unused) wet cloth


INGREDIENTS (makes 36 small sushi rolls and serves 4).

Sashimi grade fish roughly 500 grams. Cut into long strips roughly 3mm thick.

1 cup of 'sushi rice'. White round grain. 

1 and 1/4 cups of water for rice.

2 tablespoons of 'sushi vinegar' (rice wine vinegar with sugar and salt added).

Seaweed sheets x 3 cut exactly and neatly in half so as to keep it wide. You can fold and then tear just be careful.



firstly add the rice to strainer and rinse under running cold water for about 3mins or until all the starch is gone. Add to saucepan, add water, cover then bring to gentle boil. Remove from heat and leave for 8 minutes. It WILL go gluggy and absorb all the water, resist the temptation to add more water. Try the rice, if it's soft and cooked through then stir through sushi vinegar otherwise wait a bit longer until soft. A little bit firm is ok as the rice will soften more as it cools. On a plate wrapped in glad wrap (to stop the rice sticking) carefully spoon out the rice onto plate leaving any rice that has stuck to bottom of saucepan. Leave to cool at room temperature, cover with tea towel if desired.


On your sushi mat add a layer of plastic cling wrap, then add your halved seaweed sheet shiny side down. Add a THIN layer of sticky rice (use a bowl of water to remove rice from fingers). Ensure the rice is spread all the way to the edges but the top edge furthest from your belly leave a half inch gap. Next add the sashimi strip in the middle of the rice with a slight overhang at the edges. Then you roll the mixture over to the top edge where the rice meets the seaweed gap. Press firmly on mat. Then roll mate forward to close the roll and press again. SLICE GENTLY the sushi roll in half, then slice the halves into thirds so you have 6 small sushi rolls. Be careful not to crush the roll. Your blade may stick a little when slicing, use the wet cloth to clean the blade as you go.

i forgot to take a picture but here is one someone else made that looks like the finished product. A ny questions let me know.

Cheers, Luke



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Hey Luke , good on you for having a go mate. Most people think its a waste of time making sushi but done a couple of times its gets easier everytime. And don't the kids just love it!!

Mate ive got a sushi maker call SUSHEZI look it up online, it compacts the rice and filling to make for a fuller roll.  It Also has a stand to cut the roll with no collapse,

Keep on experimenting with your fillings also,  one tip would be to buy sushi rice it takes the sticky vinegar much better.

Cooked bream garlic mayo and lettuce!!!!!    Sooo nice!!!


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Hi @downsouth thanks for the tip.

i checked out the Sushezi, is this video a good one?

my wife finds making sushi hard but I reckon she could use the sushezi.

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@downsouth the inside out roll, Rice on outside seaweed on inside, looks crazy!! Have you made one of them before?

i feel like I've discovered a whole new culinary world, there are so many different sushi styles to learn!!!!!



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Hey Luke ,

Yeah mate that's it, cost the missus $25 I think for fathers day!

Never done an outside roll, but they are delicous.

Get ur self to an Asian grocer, they have all the gear u need, garlic mayo, fried onion,dried shrimp(prefer fresh myself), dipping sauce, WASABI etc

Another good one fresh calamari soaked in dark soy chili lime then slow cooked. and mayo

AS you can tell I don't have a time consuming boat, but love to fish, eat, seafood.

Good luck putting ur local sushi maker out of business. We have saved hundreds


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