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10 foot ugly stick gold 6-10kg


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Hey guys, 

I purchased one of these recently for fishing the beach and its a nice rod, however my usually large fish quota has dwindled.

I have 10lb fireline going to a 10kg leader  whereas before I just used a samaki zing rod with 6kg mono.

The bream are pretty selective around here. I'm going to try going back to the 6kg mono on the new rod  and see how I go.

Just hoping the new rod isn't too stiff for the bream. Its medium heavy but is fairly whippy. When the waves are rough you tend to get a bit overwhelmed with the lighter spin rods. 



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Hi Noel, yeah I'll ditch the stronger leader. I went stronger as there's plenty of fish like tailor that bite you off. But I'll see if the bites improve on the thinner line. 

As for rods,  the speciality bream ones I've seen have all been very thin and whippy.  I assumed its because the bream can feel resistance but I'm only a newbie so forum regulars can correct me if I'm wrong.

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