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Blackfish Monday


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Yesterday saw Trevor, Royce and myself fishing at Wharf Rd. The fish were pretty active, with the first fish in the net on the first drift, not long after Royce got dusted by an assumed surgeon that took off hard.

I got busted off by a small freight train not long afterwards, which may have been a surgeon or just a really angry blackfish!

About halfway through the day, Trevor's friend showed up and claimed they were a jinx and nobody caught anything. Almost instantly Trev hooked up, and a cheeky "about time you hooked up" from me fired him up. Not long after he'd landed another four.. Young blokes like me should keep their mouths shut when they're fishing with seasoned anglers! Lol. I made myself a target for the rest of the day ?

Ended up with a nice feed for each of us. Was great to get back out and into the blackfish again!



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