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Bare Island


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Went to Bare Island again yesterday only managed to get 4 x 33cm - 35cm Blackfish as it was dead flat and very little white wash.

Lots of bait fish swimming around Bare Island and into the Bay and around the Bommie all day.

Saw a few Dolphins come into the bay around Bare Island.

The bait fish were breaking the surface obviously being chased by something bigger maybe the Dolphins.

Having Ludrick for lunch right now :D Cheers !



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Unfortunately the island is only good for Blackfish when its rough as Blackfish off the rocks like white wash and with a combination of tides,it is a dangerous spot hence why there has been 4 deaths there,no matter if you are wearing all the safety gear you can still get knocked off your feet by a swell coming over the ledge and at this spot it does do that when there's a swell running,I only go here when I cant fish anywhere else because its too rough,when I do go here under these conditions I expect to be in for a dangerous fishing trip.

Blackfish is a specialised  target fish that requires special gear only aimed at that species of fish,even with all the correct gear takes a long time to master,yes sure you may still catch some but you will also lose more than you catch and no fish will come near your line if it is not presented properly to the fish,lots and lots of little details that after a number of years doing it all come together at one time,when you have to decided what to do.

To be honest with you this spot is not good compared to others around the Randwick area it is snag city,the places I fish around this area I would not fish for normal bottom eating fish due to the rocky bottoms and snags.

Lots of scuba divers come here and swim right past your fishing lines they are a pain in the ..... and they are not shy they will enter the water right in front of you not caring that you are fishing,they scare the fish away.

I would try fishing some of the other rocks inland towards Molineaux point,even  Molineaux Point itself it good fishing but once again beware of snags.

For the record I was fishing for 12 hours that day and fished both tides,4 fish is very poor for a Black fisherman but considering it was dead flat I consider myself lucky I got 4,I did lose a few and threw back some under 30cm but really it was a crap day.I don't mind so much because I go not only to catch fish but to enjoy the sport of fishing as I think most do who fish,sometimes you win sometimes you lose that's what makes fishing addictive.

Anyway I chose the wrong spot on this day for the amount of time I put in you should be getting atleast 1 fish an hour or something is wrong.


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