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Friday session Harbour and Long Reef


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Hi Raiders.

Bit of a late post but I headed of for a session with no bait on Friday.

The plan was to do a session of SP's and jigs so I started at the artificial reef at sun up with a micro jig on the Gomoku. I was hoping for a king or two but instead I ended up with a couple of Bonito in quick succession.

After a while I headed up over to North Head to toss a few metals at the washes and ended up with a few more Bonito. That was a lot of fun as the swell was low and the wind was practically non existent so I could see the Bonito chasing the lures and crashing them on the surface.

I headed over to Long reef after that and trolled a few lures around the place for even more Bonito!

At Longy there were heaps of bait schools and loads of boils so I tossed a few metal lures over the boils and back through them hooking some decent sized bonito in the process,

It seems Bonito was all I could catch but I had a lot of fun in the process and it was a beautiful day on the water.

This was the average size at Long Reef  ( 53cm) while the ones of North Head were about 40 cm.







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