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Sydney Sunday.


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Gdau all, bit of a late report for yesterday. Finally things are starting to come good off Sydney. Beautiful sunday morning almost zero wind and swell.

 Water has begun to clean up and so it should with nearly 3 knots of current heading south on saturday had begun to slow to 1.5 on Sunday. Water still a little green in close 40M but starts to clean up in the 70s.

 Fish heavily on the chew sunday morning all the way to low tide. Got two beautiful marbles and a couple of bluespots. The snapper have been punishing, ratio of 1 out of 5 size wise the othe 5 being 29.9s lol. Plenty of mowies about and good size fish too. Interesting all fish are in roe. Lost a few good trevally due to soft mouths and an over zealous fishing partner.

 Anyway they are there so get amongst it.

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