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Broken bay headlands


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Took the old man out fishing on Sunday in the hope of putting him on to some kings. We anchored at one of my favorite spots and set a burley trail. 

Soon on the sweep arrived and mixed in with them where some solid trevallies and bonitos. 

In the end we banged out on trevallies and bonitos. With some good size trevallies going round 45 cm.

Also in the mix we got on to 4 kings biggest going 62 cm. So all went back in the drink..


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Great work right there. 

We hit broken bay flatty grounds on monday arvo and got some great flattys. 

been a quite a while since we have hit those grounds and was impressed that its still holding some quality fish. 

nice when you dont have to go looking in 50 mtrs of water  

Fished Trawleys for a quick lil session for some plate size snapper on plastics. "welcomly surprised"! 

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