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Suitable gear for spinning off rocks for Kingfish and Salmon

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Hi, I've been using a daiwa crossfire 4000 and a silstar power tip 4-8kg 10ft as the rod for it. I'm a newbie and would like to start moving into spinning for salmon and kingfish using SPs and the like but I'm not quite sure that this is a suitable combo for it. I'm worried about the crossfire having enough drag and line capacity if I ever hook a big one and just to play the fish in general, not too worried about the silstar because of its flexibility ( it has been used for drummer fishing) but I'm open to opinions. If adjustments need to be made anything preferably in the 150-250 ish dollar price range is preferable. Thanks.

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I think that should be ok mate. Only one way to find out, get connnected to one and see before spending money on something you might not need.

4000 reels are funny, I've used some that have a lot of grunt and others that are more like a flathead type reels. Haven't used that rod or reel. And normally it's not the drag or line capacity that lets you down it's the gears that aren't big enough to get the torque needed to get the winds in.

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