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johnson 15 prop advice


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hi all

long time reader (5+ years) first time poster

in need of a new prop for the outboard, its a 2008 Johnson 15 2stroke, runs like a dream but due to a dim witted brother

(who left the muffs on and drove 3k down river) its bashed to buggery :( and in need of replacement.

My question is.

can some one please point me in the right direction of what prop would best replace the stock prop that came with the motor, money is not an issue and I wouldn't mind if I can add some take off or top end speed in the process


thanks in advance OG


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Hi OG and welcome to your 1st post on here. I've just replaced the prop on my Yamaha 15 HP 2 stroke. I had a 9 1/4 x 11 (original) and it would get up on the plane easily. The prop was fairly worn when I replaced it. I fish in rivers and dams for Murray Cod and hit a fair number of submerged stumps, etc. I have increased the overall weight of the boat ...adding an electric motor and floor, battery, etc. Speed isn't an issue for me so I decided on a new prop that had a bit more grunt and a little less speed. The new one is a 9 1/4 x 10 1/2. If you want more top end speed you'll need to get a prop where the second number (pitch) is higher than on the existing prop. Stainless steel props last longer but I don't think the extra cost is justifiable, certainly not in my case.

Out of curiosity what size prop is on your Johnson 15? Cheers, BN

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After some great advice and a few phone calls I have decided to go with a  9 1/2 x 10 3blade aluminium  prop as replacement. This will increase both take off and top speed at a cost off $140 :):wub::D :wub:         ( witch I'm very happy with considering when being serviced 3 months ago I was told a replacement would cost $210 and that was only after I said I would fit it myself, thankfully I declined as a foul smell came wafting through the work shop:ph34r::ranting2:)

thanks for the advice it hit the nail on the head and is greatly appreciated:banana:

finished work and off to hunt down a nice flatty for dinner:fisher:

A good weekend to all, and to all fishluck


P.S BigNeil ur right stainless steel = completely un-justifiable for a small boat thanks.



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