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Botany Bay Anzac day


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Last minute decision to head out on Anzac Day with the wind seeming to hold off in the morning.

After a sluggish start, got on the water around 8:30. Headed to the Yakka grounds just around from Moli pt. but, just before reaching it, we spotted several bust ups off the southern wall & headed over.

Over the next hour & a bit we threw several lures, hard bodies & slugs, & floated a piece of fresh squid to no avail. Had just the one strike on a Halco twisty but unfortunately the hook didn't set. It was the only strike. Several other boats joined us throwing all sorts of lures & baits. One angler said they'd caught a Bonito on an SP, but there didn't seem to be too much success from the other boats?

With the excitement over, we headed just past the point for a drift. Not much action for a while but then my son started getting strikes on squid strips & eventually pulled in a couple of small fish, including a just undersized flathead, which finally brought him a smile, before a quick release.

Normally we manage a few squid but this time only the 1 arrow, at least it was huge - so heavy I thought i was bringing up a clump of weed with it. Lost another at the boat which was a shame as it was a great live bait size - not our day.

The bust ups started again near our drift at one stage but with the same result as before. We even tried trolling near it for zero. So we called it around 11:45 with the wind picking up.

Turned out to be a nice morning on the water. My son was happy to catch a couple of fish & we had one fresh squid for dinner that night so all good.


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