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Quick mechanical fuel pump test


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This is a quick test I do to check the integrity of the fuel pump diaphragm if I suspect a failure.

1-unbolt the fuel pump from the engine block with all hoses still attached.image.jpgHere I've removed the fuel pump from the block and also removed the fuel filter from its mount.All fuel hoses are still attached.image.jpgI like to fit two nuts to the two mounting studs after removal to ensure the pumps halves are well sealed. (You can use a small clamp if necessary).

All you need to do now is ensure the fuel tanks breather is open and pump the primer bulb up completely.It should go and remain hard and no fuel should come out the port on the back of the fuel pump.Any leakage of fuel from this port will indicate a ruptured/split diaphragm.

This happened to me on the lake the other day causing hesitation issues which was resolved on the water with a new diaphragm I keep as a spare for when this happens.

Hopefully you guys have learnt a quick tip to keep in the memory bank for a later date.


I'll post how to inspect your fuel system from portable tank/s to engine later.



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