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Decent squid


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Went for a quick shot at a squid at about 6am. Started casting and was a bit frustrated to see another guy catch 2 while i kept getting snagged. After 40 minutes i picked this one up. The jig was a freebee from last years boat show which I lost 2 casts after catching this, so packed up and went home smiling. 


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the nemo pattern from yamashita was my best performing jig! it was a limited edition job and acccounted for around 30 squid before it was lost to the depths due to kelp! sadly, it is n longer available... 


Good job on the squid and try find another nemo jig! 

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There is a group on Facebook called Painting Squid Jigs its an Australian group mostly South Australians from what i can gather, any way maybe one of them could build you new Nemo jig and paint it similar to the one you lost. Just thought i would suggest it 



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