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New PB blackfish


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Over the last month or so, due to the earlier news that FR was shutting down, I had not bothered to report on the numerous blackfish sessions I've had, from the rocks to west of the Bridge.  I've had a couple of nice sessions too.

However, on Sunday arvo I went for a quicky upriver.  Macman had some bait and he was fishing a (for us) recent hotspot that we're trying to get wired.  I wasn't sure if I could make it so I didn't respond.  When I knew I could go, for the last 2hrs of daylight, I called him to confirm he was there.  After half a dozen unanswered calls, I got there to find him fishing.  I was relieved as I had no bait and if I had known he wasn't there, I would have headed to the rocks where I knew there was bait.  That would've been in the opposite direction!

Anyway, he was there, he had bait and already landed 3 fish. He said it was pretty slow though as he had been there for around 2hrs before I got there.  I was quickly fishing and in the next 30-40mins I didn't have a single bite.  In that time, Matt only landed a small flatty on cabbage!  Unsatisfied, Matt moved about 50m away from our "usual" possie there.  Before long he hooked up to a decent blacky and was calling for me to bring the net over.  I almost made it before he busted off.  It was fairly shallow, with a ledge and worse, treacherous oyster-encrusted rocks everywhere.  We had fished that area before a few weeks ago and I busted off on a very nice fish at my feet when line touched such a rock.

So we moved our stuff over and started to fish there more seriously.  The bites came quickly, especially for Matt who was fishing 4lb leader.  In the next hour or so, he landed another 5 with a couple more bustoffs and pulled the hook on another 1 or 2.  I didn't get any bustoffs and landed 3 on 6lb FC leader - one around 40cm, one in the mid-30's and my last fish a whopper that I called for around 45 or 46cm and a new PB!  We didn't have a measurer so I marked it on my rod to measure later.  I was pretty sure it would have smashed my previous PB of 43cm.  It was going to be a C&R day for us, but my 40 was deeply hooked and in bad shape so I kept that for the old timers next door.  The other 2 were released in great shape.  AllMatt's fish were released.

Later that night. I was slightly disappointed to find that it wasn't quite 45 but calling it a 44 and still a new PB.  It wasn't exactly an accurate measure, but still pretty happy.  Interesting that Matt definitely got more bites than me and I could only put it down to the lighter leader.


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Solid blackfish, mate! Well done!

My wife caught one of a similar size early on Saturday morning while fishing for leather jackets with pieces of cooked prawn. Well, she got it onto the rock when the hook pulled, the fish kicked and swam off again! Still, it has inspired me to get the blackfish gear out!

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Like I said in my post, I did not eat any of the catch on this day.  I have eaten blackfish in many ways.  If I keep any to eat, I normally fillet & skin my catch and my favourite way is to flour or crumb then fry. I've also had it steamed, baked or poached.  I've even had it as raw fish.  Occasionally I would gut & scale them and take them home whole and shallow fry.

I haven't tried eating blackfish cabbage yet.  I type this as I watch Master Chef where one ingredient is "sea lettuce" aka cabbage!  I yelled out to my wife, "they're using bait!".

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