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Sydney spots with minimal weeds?


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Hi all,

Looking to grasp some knowledge from the community. As a relatively inexperienced fisher, one of the most frustrating things when I fish is getting my hook caught on weeds or rocks, having to cut the line (if i can't get it free) and then rejig my line.

So in saying that, I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for land based fishing in Sydney with minimal weeds/rocks. 

So far i've been to Lilli Pilli, Bobbin Head, and La Perouse.


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I have fished from a beach with a 6 foot (not too whippy, around mid strength) 12 pound mono, and pulled out bream and whiting using blood worms or beach worms.

12 foot rods are better for throwing out lures or pillies, or using larger baits for tailor, jew, salmon, sharks.

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