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Newcastle Beach


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A report from the last two mornings at Dudley & Stockton respectively. Beautiful weather (though angry seas) made it a little tough, however managed a few solid tailor and flathead. The tailor seem to be of better average size now, flathead still have many under/just on size with a few better ones in the mix if you keep working.

I also hooked a nice Jewish - but had trouble getting it up on the sand with the unpredictable surf doing me zero favours. A complete rush of blood to the head saw me screw up the drag (against every logical instinct) to try to beach it. Popped the leader almost instantly.

Very next cast hooked on again! Not wanting to repeat mistakes, I brought it in good & close, loosened the drag, popped the rod in the holder & ducked in to grab the trace. It was at this point I noticed my first leader & hook still attached to the fish - the same goddamn fish. With a hand on the leader, I was knocked off my feet by a surging wave. Got good & wet, and popped the leader AGAIN! Jewfish 2 - Dave 0. Well played Mr Mulloway, poorly played Dave.

Im yet to land a jewie from the beach, though if anyone one happens to catch a Jewish with 2 traces attached to it, PM me & I'll let you know where you can send me a fillet!



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1 hour ago, nwatson said:

Looks like a thumper flathead - how long did it go?

That one went 71cm mate, put back to swim another day after a few 'selfies'.  Kept a few in the 50's + 60's for eating though.

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Geez Dave, what can I say. Same fish having a second go and you getting a swimming lesson courtesy of the Jewie...how unlucky can you get? No doubt you'll be back for another go though, so better luck next time mate. BN

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Haha thats crazy man!

So you were the guy i seen down the beach crying and screaming into the air, thought you were just some crazy dude lol.

bad luck mate!

light lines, jewfish and beaches can do that to a man lol.

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