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Mullet dough


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Hey guys, I was walking along near echo point at Roseville chase last week at rising tide and couldn't help but notice that there were plenty on big sea mullet doing acrobatics and jumping out of the waters, and they were biting! I tired to catch them with a float and bread but wasn't prepared. Managed a hook-up but it got spat out. I wanted to know if anybody could give me some advice on how to use bread dough. Or bread. Any recipes or methods would be much appreciated. I have all the rigs prepared and all I need is good bait. Thanks in advance



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Hi mate,

I like to use a 'teaser' burley method. Take a small-ish plastic jar (I use a peanut butter jar), put a bit of bread with crust removed and a bit of water, screw it closed and shake it up until it's a mush. Then open the lid and toss it into the water. They can smell it but there's nothing to actually eat!

As for dough. I mix flour and water until it becomes moist but stops being sticky, and tease some cotton balls through it. Use the same hooks you'd use for blackfish.



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