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A Day In the Bay 21.5.17

sydney south

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Trip to the bay yesterday.

Set the Crab traps and then went for a fish.

Hard work as the current did not move for around 3 hours after the scheduled change of tide.

Landed 9 Trev's & 2 Bream, all in about and hour when we finally got some water to move.

The 2 crabs came as a bonus, when we lifted the traps on the way home.

Sent a lot of undersized fish back, so to grow some more.

Great day on the water.......

Fishing 21.5.17.jpeg

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4 hours ago, GoingFishing said:

Nice work mate thats a great bag

i assume this is Botany Bay ? Looks like the winter trevs are startin to show up

Yes Botany Bay.

Good numbers of Trev's around. Through about 2/3 of them back as they were under or Just legal.

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good stuff, I was planning  to go to the bay that day to but last minute changes meant i'd be hitting the parra river/harbour instead. you certainly went much better than I fared that day. Been itching to try the bay for a while now but plans always seem to force me to go local instead haha. Love the bigger trevs, pound for pound strongest fighting bread & butter species  in my opinion. Great feed you got there.

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