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Which reel for existing rod


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Hi guys

Found a few of my dad's vintage rods and thought I'd give them a go before investing more into fishing. 

He has an old 4-6kg Shimano rod in working order, just wondering which size reel would go best with this. 

What would a heavier set up catch? Can I pair it with a light reel? Mainly fishing land based. He has a few vintage reels too but a little rusted. So I might give it a go cleaning it and see if I can restore any of them. 

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Either a 2500 or 4000 size reel with 10 -15 lb line would go well with it. Don't take any chances with the reels though if they're not functioning in ANY WAY. Too easy to lose decent fish if a reel plays up. You can use lighter reel and line with this rod but generally speaking you should try to match the entire outfit to the type of fishing and the (expected) target species...that way you maximise the chances of catching them , once hooked. BN

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