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Trailer repair , rust


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The first thing was to get the boat off the trailer .  without going into specific detail I decided to lift it up , the back on stands , the front suspended from a reinforced roof beam around the bow spit .   When about an inch clearance pulled the trailer out

The trailer , at the time of taking the photo , rust removed , rust converter applied , & primer .   I then applied Galmit & overcoated with a silver paint .

There are plenty of products on the market all of which I assume are of good quality.   I chose Wattle ( one stop shopping ) as they have the four products required , Converter , primer , Galmit & top coat , A bottle of metho is also required

The process took about 3 days , most of the time taken waiting for each coat to dry

A tip , a little bit of paint goes a long way so unless u have a very big job the small 250ml can should be enough  






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Geoff. looking good mate, that's generally the way I do it , but I have a full cradle for the stern and a heavy duty gantry for the front.

Don't use the gantry these days so will be selling it.



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