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Seals, whales, and a few nice fish off Sydney


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With a forecast of easing seas and a light westerly wind we headed out early, hoping to pick up some tailor or bonito on the troll.


Nothing doing on the troll around Dobryod and North Head but there was such a heavy swell we did not get too close to the rocks.  We saw the first seal as we rounded North Head, I think he checked us out to see if he could pinch a fish as we landed it. No photo as he just popped up took a quick look and was off.

Bottom bashed off DY for some ( 9) large bluespots and marbled flathead, a couple of 32cm reds and in between spikeys, us reds, seargent bakers and cuttlefish.


Had another seal pop up after landing a fish, so moved a fair bit away from him to avoid losing fish.

Got the daylights frightened out of us when a whale surfaced alongside the boat while we were drifting., I mean really alongside I could have touched it and it was huge.  I grabbed my camera and got this shot of 2 of his mates about 30 metres away. The wake you can see in the photo  is from the first whale which surfaced about a metre from the boat. we were watching the whale watch boats about 1km away thinking there were none around us.


It wasn't just jiggerly today it was ****** rough, impossible to move around the boat without holding onto something. Got as bit better for a while about 10.30am then got really nasty about 11.30 so we headed in taking very steady and copping a few over the front.



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On 6/4/2017 at 9:11 PM, Wellzy94 said:

I was out today and saw a couple whales and a seal too!

The whales came so close and appeared so suddenly we lost gear from them!

Good feed there, too.



not good about the gear

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