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Deep Dropping off Batemans Bay


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Hi folks,

For one reason or another I haven't posted too many fishing reports lately.  So it's about time I changed that.  The last few weeks I've been taking advantage of the good weather, calm seas and slackening off shore current.  With a few mates I've been heading out east of Batemans Bay and using the electric reels to deep drop in 400 - 500m of water.  The results have been pretty consistent, with excellent table fish hitting the deck on each trip.  Here are a few recent photo's.

fish 2017 009.jpgfish 2017 005.jpgfish 2017 006.jpg

I didn't get a chance to weigh the Blue Eye, but it had to have been at least 20kg.  The best I've pulled so far off Batemans Bay.  The ocean perch have been very thick and at times it's hard to get past them to get to the blue eye and ling.  Lucky they taste so good..............  Hope you enjoy the photo's.

Cheers Dave

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