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Poddy mullet rigging


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How do I hook a poddy mullet on a 2/0 suicide hook? Just need to know this plus an actual rig to use them as live bait. Thanks guys and feel free to hand out any other tips when jetty fishing with live poddies.

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We normally rig them the same as a Yellowtail,behind the back of the head and tail,if you just rig them on one hook in the head area you will miss fish because lots of times we have had just the head left on the hook after a big bite.

Take care as there is a lateral line you can see running from head to tail,you will see it if you look close,you need to put the hooks above this and away from it,avoid piercing it or you will kill the fish instantly,also Poddys are very fragile and if handled too much will die.

You can also as mentioned above put a hook through its lips or nose area but if a fish bites it from behind it will just leave the head left on the hook.

Although Squid are excellant bait and to eat they love eating your live bait and you will find a lot of squid eating your bait,the squid normally attack its stomach area if its a dead bait or the back of the head if its a live bait.

No.2 Suicide hook is what i use/1 meter trace/swivel/float/10LB main line/bobby cork/or small balloon or you can rig them without the float so they swim on the bottom,sometimes i use a sinker,sometimes i do not.

I use 2 hooks one fixed to the line and that one is hooked behind the head the other is a free running hook,like a keeper hook that hooks its tail end.

They are an excellent bait.

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My poddy mullet right for flathead is - small sinker (about pea-size) down to the hook on a 12lb fluoro trace. I use a 2/0 circle hook through the nose or tail. If fishing for flathead I find they essentially always swallow the whole bait and I don't need 2 hooks. Adjust sinker size according to size of the poddy but as light as you possibly can whilst still securing the poddy down to the bottom 

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Hi Arthur, I like to use smaller poddys about 2 inches long max if I'm after a feed. I seem to get a lot more hits than a 3 inch poddy. If u are after big flatties then go as big as 8 inch livies. I use a running ball sinker ( as small as you can get away with)on the main line down to a swivel and 2 feet of 12 to 20 pound fluro. Use a hook to suit the bait and I like to pin the poddies through the roof of the mouth. That is in through the open mouth and out the top. I aim for between the  start of the two wight line in the roof of the mouth, The bait can breath but will not drown. Poddies don't like being dragged backwards. They cast well and I hook most fish in the mouth. If you are getting poddies back with no tail or bitten in half it is going to be tailor and Likley not big ones, so I wouldn't be to fussed with the stinger hook( just my opinion).

hope this helps

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