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40 birthday planning, where to go fishing?


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Hi mates. I start enough early planning my 40 bithday trip :blush:. It is after 2 years july, but  it is not nessessary happen exactly then, maby between march to december. Planning where to go fishing:To Ebro river Spain, huge catfishs? To Norway, big pollocks and halibuts? To north Finland, big graylings? To Australia, yellow- and bluefin tuna, or murray cods? To Egypt, nile perchs? To somewhere other destination, fishin what species? Whole budget 2700-4100au $ including flights, if i am lucky, maby 5500au $.

Do you have any proposals? "Only" 2 years anymore, but planning is nice and i like it. ☺

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Yep, i think same thing,BUT! Have to say, fishing is only half of this thing, and i dont want pay too much for any services, many times fishing trips is "luxory" trips. I dont need any luxory. 4000au$ only for fishing, never, no thanks. But when i was fishing on Port Stephens 2009 with fishraiders: Normal accommadation, own food ext ext, that i did liked, and was not so expensive even for finnish people. Allso i start thinking, that i have allmoste every years chance go fishing some where in Europe, but long 2-3 weeks trips i have chance only every 5 years.

Moste i like catch some tuna, over 20kg, any tuna, but tuna season is on your winter/our summer i guess? And i dont know do i want feel cold there, here is enough long winter? And tuna charters are not so cheap. Allso, i dont know any other tuna fishing spots closer on Finland.  I thinking allso fishing on Vietnam, Maleysia, or indonesia.

Murray cod, maby cood choice, i have seen that is it not so expensive fishing, only rent cabin, go to fishing and be carefull for snakes and spiders.


Nile Perchs, not so faraway, but quite expensive  something ovet 2000$ about 5 days.

Norway halibut fishing. 2500$ week/gottage inc. boat. That is not so expensive if have some friends with you. Problem is, that i have not friend how is interesting.

But wondering continue...:-rolleyes

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