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Where to use them?


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Gday raiders,

I got myself some live Poddy mullet to use up and the tides look good for tomorrow morning. Was thinking maybe garie beach but haven't actually used them off the beach before my other plan which usually works at highish tide is use them inside the hacking on some sandy areas for some decent flathead, but I would like to try catch something different with them other than flathead. If any one would like to share a spot that they do ok at with Poddys send us a pm don't have to be the hacking I am willing to travel an hour or so also if someone wants to tag along or would like some live bait to use let me know. I am land based and don't have a boat.


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Cheers for the replying, did alright bring them to the harbour got a few tailor up to about 50cm.

Was interested in targeting Jew with them since I always use yakka or squid to catch them but mullet seem to live a lot longer the tough little buggers.


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