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help needed on choosing a gps/fishfinder combo


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I am having trouble deciding on a combo that shows good rock and ledge formation and waypoint marking and navigating. my short list is between humminbird's Helix 5 chirp DI gps g2, Helix 5 chirp gps g2 and garmin's Striker 5cv, Echomap chirp 53cv and echomap chirp 53dv. is there a stand out amongst these, what have others decided on and why or decided against and why. do you have any of these and are happy or wish you chose differently. sorry for so many questions but the more I research the more I seem to be more confused/unable to decide.
I mainly bottom bounce over reef and structure in 30'-70', set lobster pots in 8' - 20' near reef/rock ledges and holes and fish weed banks and am not a tech whiz so looking for easy to use.   

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Have you played around with any of them?  Sometimes you need to have a feel of how they navigate through menus etc for ease of use.  Do you want to split the screen, maybe one of them will let you split the screen and then change how much of each is showing.  Personally id go the one with the biggest display(by that i mean the screen size not the overall unit size).  Dont forget to factor in a mapping card and perhaps a second slot for a sd card if you wanted to save any gps data.

I cant comment on these units as i have a hds12 gen 2 with lss2 (i know i know old - but fricken massive and i love it)

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