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Waders And Polaroids

Guest madsmc

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Hi Raiders,

I'm looking to make a few purchases over the coming weeks/months and, as per usual, I am seeking advice from you all. :biggrin2:

Item 1 - Waders: I've been thinking about these for a while. I do lots of land based fishing - flats, river, beach etc and I think the waders will make this much safer and more comfortable, especially in Winter. Attending the fly Social day last weekend really got me thinking afterwards, maybe it's time to get a pair.

I have my eyes on the Shakespeare PVC/Nylon chest waders with the built in boots. Does anyone have any comments on these, or any recommendations of other brands?

Item 2 - Polaroids: I've got a pair of trusty Ray Bans that I wear everywhere, including fishing. The problem I have is that they let light in here, there and everywhere, which doesn't help when you're trying to spot structure or fish below the water line. My big head probably doesn't help :1prop:

I've found a set of Spotters that I'm keen on. Slider frames with the Blue mirror lense. Does anyone have a set of Spotters, or something different, and your thoughts on them?

I haven't looked at either of these items at any shops yet, just looking for some advice first before I start looking. Got a B'day coming up so either of these items may even turn up on the present list :thumbup:



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I have had a few sunnies, I find amber lenses better for fishing.

I currently have photochromatic Makos, but prefer the :wife: Maui Jims

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G'day Shane,

Iv'e got the Shakespeare waders, they do the job, I wear trackies or light long pants under them as they seem to stick to your legs when it gets warmer. Mine have a few patches from tears over the years, but they are easy to repair. Had mine for 3 years already, had plenty of use out of them. The more expensive ones look good and are more durable, but are costly. Iv'e got the Mako sunnies, great vision for spotting fish.

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I use Horne waders & I'm happy with them.

As far as sunnies go I use Spotter Thunders in photochromatic bronze lenses & I am very happy with them. Best glasses I have used. Expensive but you get what you pay for with sunnies.

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Ive got a pair of Maui Jims with the bronze polariod lense and they are awesome. Got them at Tuggerah, paid about $160.00. Dont let much light in at all and they are light and comfortable. Heaps of people use Spotters and are highly recomended but like Ken said quite expensive.

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