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Murray Beach boat ramp at low tide


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Hi guys, I'm thinking of heading down to Jervis Bay from Canberra and launching at Murray Beach boat ramp but I'm nervous about the ramp at low tide as I dont have experience with that ramp and I'm launching solo and I heard its quite shallow. I've only been there once with my kids to play on the beach next to the ramp.

Any raiders got tips and warnings on using Murray beach boat ramp for a 5.7m ali boat especially at low tide?

Any raiders in Canberra with experience using Murray beach ramp and would like to join me plz pm me. Thanks. 



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Hey Green Hornet and New Signing,

Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more as fish-finder is launching solo.... and my info is a few years old.

I have not used Murray's for a few years - from what I recall it wasn't as much a low tide issue as an issue of where to tie up the boat if you were to launch solo. The ramp is tucked behind a breakwall, and although a new platform and walkway was built across from the ramp it wasn't a floating platform and at low tide can be very high to climb onto from a boat...that is if there is any space to tie up at all (the platform was quite small).

After tying up  you have a run around the break wall to get to your car and a drive of about 200m to the car park...then a run back to get your boat out. 

Because of this I always launched with someone in the boat... that drove the boat away and stayed out in the water until I returned. 

I'd be keen to know If things have changed from what I described to make it easier for a solo launch.



PS - Agree 100% with concern about the car safety in the car park... that's what ultimately made me give this ramp away.

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Thanks fellas for the replies especially about the carpark.   I've decided not to launch solo and I'll try hook up with a few mates to make it easier.   I'm planning heading up in next few weeks pending my mates availability.  I hate to be holding up the ramp trying to tie boat and park the trailer.  Some people can be a bit narky at the ramp as I've experienced in the past. 

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