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Zippo of the stones. ..


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Just a quick report.

Headed to the Northern Beaches for my first spin session in nearly two years. (Inspired by some of  the great reports lately). I have had a shoulder injury so wanted to see how good a job the Physio has been doing.

Arrived just before 6 to see the platform full so squeezed my way in and said hello to the old faces and started casting.

Well that's all we did for the next 2 hrs not one hit not even a follow for any of us. 

Changed tack and decided to see if i could get some bottom bashes even though it was the wrong tide. Grabbed some crabs and threw them into the wash. Apart from a couple throw backs it was a quiet day. 

All in all it was a great morning out with a great sunrise, met a couple new faces and a little exercise. Who says fishing is not a sport i was buggered after. Home for a sleep on the couch and watch the cricket. ?

Cheers R&B

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38 minutes ago, sam bros said:

Still sounds like a nice day out on the water.

How did the shoulder hold up?

Yeah it was a great day and the shoulder did alright. Actually today is the best it has been in ages. So may have to go again soon ?

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6 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

good old fashioned excersise..fishing is good in so many ways hey..pity bout the lack of fish..rick

Cheers Rick had a great day out. The exercise is a side benefit it is like a mental health day. R&B

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4 hours ago, luderick -angler said:

Fished the stones myself this morning threw the surf candies on the 9 weight for a couple big pike. No salmon or kings! Switched to the float amd cabbage amd got my bag of luderick! The old mainstay! 3 of us got our bag each. They are about in numbers

There was one guy fishing for luderick did not see much pulled in. Never tried for them myself but there is so much weed around should have give it a try one-day. If you ever feel like giving a lesson send me a message. R&B

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