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hi raiders

got to rose bay ramp around 2am...originally plan was to leave home at 3am but cant sleep so decided to leave early

plan a was to troll north and south heads then plan b to bottom bash around sow n pigs balmoral clifton rosebay in case the swell was too big

decided to hang around rosebay and catch some live bait from 2am to 5am

only caught 1 yakka and dozens of baby snapper at rosebay on chicken fillets and pillys

put the live yakka on float but wasnt touch...my mate hooked a big kingy on live yakka as rosebay on nye but the hook came off so we were hoping to hook another one

started to troll around 5am with a halco redhead(16cm) a rapala longcast pilly (14cm) a savage manic prey dd ytf (16cm) a halco twisty in 55g

first pass off north head and we hooked our 1st bonito on the savage lure hi 5s all round me on the rod so decided to drive the boat and let my other mates have a go

the swell was bigger than we expected so decided to just troll up to the point then head back in

second pass we had a double hook up on the bonito on the halco redhead and savage lure so we just needed one more coz there were four of us

third pass we hook another bonito on the redhead so everyones happy

we did a couple more for zeros so decided to check south head

the swell was even bigger at south head

first pass we had a double hook up on the bonito with the halco red head (we put 2 redhead 1 rapala longcast 1 savage lure)

2nd pass we got zeros so decided to head back to north head

we did 1 more pass at north head for zeros so decided to check balmoral

put the live yakka on float then decided to bottom bash and one of my mate started spinning with the halco twisty

we saw kingys hanging around our boat and after about 30mins our live yakka was taken by a kingy

the kingy took 4 runs before we netted it but it was only 60cm so back it went to grow more

a school of salmon came so two of my mates started spinning with metals (halco) but only managed one salmon

a boat with 3 f!"£wits decided to go in front of us so we cant spin...f!"£$ing m!"£ons...then when they cant catch anything decided to anchor next to us...F1234ing losers...

anyways...caught plenty of baby snapper on chicken and pillys and got 3 legal big trevs...my mate caught another bonito at balmoral with the halco twisty

decided to check sow n pigs on our way  to clifton...

caught 1 big bream at sow n pigs but decided to leave coz we couldnt anchor...was getting too dangerous so we move to clifton...

didnt get any bites at clifton but a school of bonito showed up so decided to chase the school instead...caught one on the halco twisty...

back at the ramp around 12pm but took almost 1hr to put the boat back to the trailer...boats everywhere...

home around 2pm...

tally for the day

8 bonito

3 trevs

1 bream

1 salmon

thanks for reading


my mate went back the following day and caught zeros from 5am to 10am...


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20 hours ago, Rah said:

Not a bad trip. Some nice fish there and a shame about the idiots. 





catching fish to take home is a bonus

fishing with my bffs when we can r always priceless

there r always idiots out there who thinks they own all the fishing spots and dont have any clue on fishing manners

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14 hours ago, frankS said:

Good read mate, early start and not bad results, some people just don't know how to share the environment , don't let it get you down.


thanks mate

always prefer early starts...more fishing time...lol

theres always someone out there who will try to ruin your day...usually when you are catching all the fish and they dont...

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16 hours ago, iconnolly said:

Sounds like you had a good day out there.  Might try for some bonnies soon myself.

Pity about the idiots.  What can you do ?  I suppose we just have to take the good with the bad.


always a good day when you see your mates catching fish...they become fishing addicts...lol

bonito are always fun to catch...thats why we target them summertime...

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