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11 January 2018


Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey today launched the State Government’s Maritime Safety Plan to minimise trauma and promote safety on NSW waterways.

Mrs Pavey said the plan aimed to reduce the rate of fatalities and serious injuries on NSW waterways by 30 per cent by the end of 2021, which would result in four lives saved and 16 serious injuries prevented each year.

"In NSW, we have some of the best waterways in Australia and each year more than two million people head out on the water on boats and the like to enjoy the sun, catch a few fish or to spend time with family and friends," Mrs Pavey said

"Boating is not without its risks and one life lost, is one too many. That’s why the NSW Government is reducing trauma on our waterways through initiatives like this."

Over the past five years, the state Government has invested more than $500 million in delivering services and infrastructure to the NSW maritime community.

"This includes raising the lifejacket wear rate from nine per cent 10 years ago, to 45 per cent," she said.

Mrs Pavey said last financial year we recorded the lowest number of fatalities in at least 40 years, with only four casualties.

"While we have made significant progress in reducing drowning fatalities on boats, increased effort is needed to respond to non-drowning fatalities – caused by factors such as speed, alcohol, keeping a proper lookout and judgement.

"The State Government has worked closely with stakeholders, NSW Police and Marine Rescue NSW as well as industry to develop this plan and it is endorsed by our Maritime Advisory Council", Mrs Pavey said.

The plan is the first strategic plan developed since the 2012 Maritime Policy Agenda and sets the strategic direction for Transport for NSW for the next five years.

The Maritime Safety Plan 2017-21 can be viewed at;


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Not impressed by the new regs that state all watercraft now needing life jackets even enclosed waters.

I can head out and surf over shallow bommies or close to rock walls and even in river bars in seas of any size without any form of buoyancy. Head home  pull the surf yak onto the lake to flick lures in 20cm of water or just use the yak to get to deep enough water to swim away from the oysters and I have to wear a lifejacket. 

Jump off the yak with a summer NE breeze blowing across with a jacket on and there's no way I would be able to keep up with it. Where's the common sense gone these days, if your a poor swimmer or heading into possibly dangerouse waters then yes wear one.

Maritime are becoming just another revenue making governmeant body taking away more freedom from us. Over this holiday a young friend of mine who plays by all the rules was pulled over and checked for his manual inflating jacket was in date, the date was fine but the spare jacket onboard had corrosion around the has cylinder. Even though he fishes alone and that jacket was a spare he was still issued a $300 fine.

My one daughter does around 6km of open water triathlon swim training most days but now for her own safety has to wear a jacket when she does this ( which by the way was being filmed for a new kids tv show ) my kids would rather leave the yaks at home and swim around the lake rather than wear 30mm of foam around them in 40'c heat.

Just to add nearly 5000 people died from drowning in bathtubs in 2014, now there's a place I would start making people wear life jackets.





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23 minutes ago, Hooked-Up said:

Hearing ya mate, i havent read the new regs but your making good points.

Should just ban people leaving their homes as its such a dangerous state nsw.

That simply wouldn't help as more people drown in bath tubs, I also came home 2hrs after my wife made dinner last night to find the gas cooker on with no flame. It's a fact we are all doomed, it's amazing how our population keeps increasing seeing just how stupid we are. As a note if you head to the maritime Facebook and take note which celebrity heads their page and also note who's name is on many of the kayak PDFs, someone should do quite well out of this as well as the govermeant in fines.




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