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Navman GPS Issues


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Hi Raiders, Last time I went out all my electrics started up as normal and lit up. but after waiting some time I noticed that my Navman GPS was not picking up the satellite?  Just wondering if this means the unit is no buggered and I have to look for a replacement? or can it be serviced?  I checked all connection and they seem all connected and fine and all fuses are OK?

My GPS is a large 6 inch Navman colour GPS /plotter

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I don't have a navman unit so answering generically.  If it's powering up, but not picking up satellites and generally not working right it just may be hung - it happens to mine occasionally - just like PCs, or any modern software driven gizomos.  With mine I have learnt that if I can't get to my 2nd level menus it means its hung ... and I have noticed it happens when the unit has had a few days in the hot sun (40+C) if I have left it mounted in the boat.

Have a look through your manual and look for a soft reset procedure - this reboots but preserves all your way points etc. You may need to reenter some settings though.

After the reboot check your satellite connections.

Best of luck.



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