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Crabs and a Bream - Port Stephens


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My wife had a hankering for her Mum’s home cooked Singapore Chilli Crab, so I told them to make the sauce up and I’ll get some today.Too rough outside, so why not?

Decided on a lazy start and headed for the ramp about 8:45. Turned around about 2km away as I realised I left my wallet and licences at home (again). Put the traps and hoop nets down on Salamander Bay and drifted for a while flicking a Squidgie, hoping for a flatter. No flat ties but I scored a 30cm bream ... might be my first decent one on plastics, I think. Just got 3 blue swimmers so decided to grab 3 more at the co-op to make for a decent meal. An enjoyable few hours on the water. ?




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