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Bream in Banana leaves


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I've got a banana tree in the back yard and an Indian friend wanted some leaves for a festival, so that got me thinking about having a good at using some leaves to cook with. My youngest caught a good bream so I decided to use it and wing a recipe. I got a banana leaf and had cleaned and scaled the bream. First off was to make a marinade of coconut milk, fish sauce, soy sauce,  paprika, corrianer and some pepper. I scored the fish and rubbed some Thai green curry paste in to it then put it in the marinade for a couple of hours, turning it once


I then put the fish on a piece of fol and and then put that on the banana leaf. I also spooned on a little bit of the marinade.


before wrapping up the leaf. I found the wrapping a little tricky but got there in the end. I used Jute string which as far as I can tell is natural and won't melt in the oven.I think that this might also be called kitchen string but I'm not sure. Anyway, in to the oven, fold sides down, for about 25 minutes.



Opened up to check that it was all cooked,


and then plated it up on to a banana leaf with some coconut rice I made. I also heated up the marinade and spooned some of that on too. 



Turned out pretty good I thought, also the marinade might have made it a little salty. I guess that is what beer was invented for ;-)



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