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Best mono for Alveys ?


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Looking for your recommendations on the best mono for alveys. I have tried spoiling it with platt 100 but it seems to retain quite a lot of memory and I got a big birds nest on 2nd cast. I have next tried some siglon V from sunline and it seems too supple? It was fraying after a few casts? 

What line do you recommend?

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As an ANSA member, where I have to be certain the line be will break at or under the line class, the only mono I use is Platypus Pretest. Never had a problem on my Alveys. However, it is very important to use a good quality swivel above the sinker or other terminal tackle to help prevent line twist.

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I use the smallest strongest crane swivels that you can find and stay away from the cheapo brass ones , also leader material can cause those nasty tangles  if it holds too much memory same goes with cheapo swivels that are too small  and loose that dont rotate properly :)

Alot of the Jew guns around the headlands here seem pretty consistent using the Schnieder Line in the 30-40lb classes and the bigger alveys 50lb due to its abrasion resistance against the rocks

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Hi Fellas;

Do a bit of Googling and you will find someone who stocks or can get Tortue for you.

Just rememberto take the "crankiness" out of the line soak the spool in hot tap water for around 20 minutes before winding it on.

Have used Tortue on Alveys  , eggbeaters , centrepins  and baitcasters for more years than I would like to think about!!:lol:



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